Leonardo da Vinci Quotes In Hindi

Leonardo da Vinci Quotes In Hindi

तसवीर  नाम जन्म नोन फोर
Leonardo da Vinci
15 April 1452


Quotes 1 – “Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.”

Quotes In Hindi – “आशु दिल से आते है दिमाग से नही।”

Quotes 2 – “Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Quotes In Hindi – “पानी ही प्रकृति को चलाने वाली ताकत है।”

Quotes 3 – “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Quotes In Hindi – “सिखने से कभी mind नही थकता।”

Quotes 4 – “Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge.”

Quotes In Hindi – “जहा शोर है वह knowledge नही।”

Quotes 5 – “Our life is made by the death of others.”

Quotes In Hindi – “हमारा जीवन दुसरो की death के कारन बना है।”

Quotes 6 – “Nature never breaks her own laws.”

Quotes In Hindi – “प्रकृति कभी भी आपने खुद के law को नही तोड़ेगी।”

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